Army Life Tips

A career as a military spouse can be quite the adventure... my hope is that these posts will help ease some of the confusion and frustration which comes with this job!


PCS Tips: Preparing For Your Movers

Unaccompanied Baggage Shipment (UAB)

OCONUS PCS: Packing your Carry On Bags

15 Ways to Combat the PCS Blues 

PCS Issues: 16 Ways to Make New Friends

Welcome Basket for Overseas Guests

OCONUS PCS: Learning the Language

Be a GREAT Sponsor: Welcome Basket


Care Packages 101

Care Packages 201: Mailing Tips and Tricks

Themed Care Packages: VALENTINE'S DAY

Themed Care Packages: SAINT PATRICK'S DAY

Themed Care Packages: EASTER

Themed Care Packages: FATHER'S DAY

Welcome Home: The Final "Care Package"


The "Everything" Book : Deployment

The Big List of "Welcome Home" Signs

23 Ways to Combat the Deployment Blues


   Guide to Fort Bliss: Best (and Worst) Restaurants, Part 1

   Guide to Fort Bliss: Best (and Worst) Restaurants, Part 2
   Guide to Fort Bliss: Best (and Worst) Restaurants, Part 3

SPOUSES SUPPORTING SPOUSES (home-based, spouse businesses) 

Freedom Birds Jewelry
Lauren Mott Fitness

For all my fellow army spouses out there, I hope you also find some of these links useful. As I find more links, I'll be sure to add them here. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me and I'll also add your links here. We spouses have to stick together!

Military One Source                                                                   TRICARE 

US Army, A-Z                                                                            The Exchange 

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