Travel and Adventure

Being married to the military has its ups and downs, and its own unique complications. The disadvantages are many; however, those can be easily outweighed by opportunity if you let them. One of the best "perks" I find is the ability to travel. While some view the steady moves as a pain in the rear, I enjoy the change of pace. New places bring new experiences.

The Hubs and I love to get out and about. Our list of destinations is lengthy for such a short amount of married life. Occasionally, we travel separately. Some of my outings are with fellow wives, while the Hubs spends time with his buddies.

As I chronicle these adventures, I hope you enjoy the photos, stories, information, and laughter along with us.  

"Leave" aka Vacation:

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  1. we are hoping to be stationed in Europe come next spring... where would be some good places for Mommy/daughter short trips she is 8... ?