April 1, 2012

The Conquering of Cardiac Hill

One of the many activities the Hubs and I enjoy together is (drum roll please…) hiking. The weather in El Paso allows for hiking nearly year round, although the summer months can be quite challenging.  On a good weekend, we wake up early and load our packs full of… stuff. While the Hubs’ pack would include such items as water, food, and first aid supplies, mine mostly consists of camera equipment and dog biscuits. I am ever prepared!

Thank goodness I hike with those more competent than myself. Otherwise I’d wind up lost in the wild, with no human food or water. But, I’d have some magnificent photos.

Sadly, the Hubs and I have not been able to participate in our favored weekend activity for some time, due to our own medical issues. Two months with no hiking? Inconceivable! (Quick, name that movie!) Something must be done to correct this abnormality immediately. The Hubs isn’t cleared yet for serious hiking, and I am obviously incapable of doing so alone. Really, who needs food? Or water? Or first aid supplies? Not I! 

........ if you want to see how I survived this latest adventure, read the rest of the post at 1,000 Miles On My Own Two Feet. I'm guest blogging this week for my good friend, Abby. This hike was a great adventure, I hope you love it as much as we did!

Abby and I

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