June 6, 2013

Themed Care Packages: Father's Day

The Hubs and I don't have children of our own, so this is a care package I've never really thought about sending. Granted, we do have an excellent furbaby,and I've sent him items in the past from the dog.

Yeah, I know. Weird. But fun too, right? 

Anyway, for this post I was lucky enough to have a friend with some cool ideas for Father's Day. She wishes to remain anonymous, but from here on out I'm going to refer to her as the Drunken Cheesecake Chef (inside joke, peeps. Maybe I'll explain someday). She is one of my favorite spouse pals, and part of our weekly Ladies Night In. The ideas and photos here are hers, but most of the commentary is mine. If you love these ideas (and you will), please give her a shout out in the comments so I can convince her to post for us again, okay? And as always, share your ideas in the comments too.

Father's Day Care Package Ideas: 

1. Decorate Your Box / Send a Hug - If you've read my previous care package posts, you know I'm a huge fan of decorating the inside of the box. It's an excellent way to get your kids involved, plus your spouse will love the extra effort. Look for inexpensive supplies at your local dollar store. This idea from DCC (a.k.a. The Drunken Cheesecake Chef) is an excellent way to spruce up your decorating: 

To create your own: Buy two pieces of poster board and tape together. Have your child lie down on the  board with their arms outstretched (like a hug). Trace your child, then cut out the shape. Have your little one write a message to dad on the cut out. For example, "Hugs from (your location) to (deployed location). I love you Daddy. Happy Father's Day!" Then, include your date. Decorate if desired.

Once complete, use the "hug" to line the inside of your box. Pack everything else on top, then wrap the "arms" around the entire contents before sealing. This will give it a hug shape.

2. All About Daddy Survey - Also from DCC, this is such a sweet idea! There are lots of ways to personalize this and make it your own too. Let your kids write a questionnaire about dad ( or write one for them and help them fill answers). Don't give them the "correct" answers, let them answer with their hearts. Kids say the greatest things sometimes, and their perception is so wonderfully different.

Here are some survey questions that might be fun to include:
      a. My daddy's favorite food is___________________
      b. My dad's favorite game is___________________
      c. My dad's favorite movie is____________________
      d. My dad is ______ years old
      e. My favorite memory with dad is_______________________
      f. Things daddy does with me ______________________
      g. My daddy is ____________ feet tall
      h. My daddy is ____________ pounds
      i. My daddy has ________ hair and ________ eyes
      j. My daddy likes to wear _______________________
      k. My daddy's job is _____________________
      l. Daddy's feet are _______________________
     m. What I love best about my daddy: _________________________
     n. I love my daddy because ___________________________
     o. What I will do first when I see daddy again __________________________

Then include the child's age, etc. at the bottom.

Neat, right?

You can also do something like this (above). We all have a pair of extra boots or shoes around, even when the hubs is deployed. Trace dad's boot and cut out, then let child trace their own. Include child's name, age, shoe size and type. Then include the same info for dad.

The possibilities here are endless! Send us your ideas too, and I'll share them with everyone.

3. Photographs and Picture Mementos - This is a great time to have your picture taken and send dad some recent photos. Ask your photographer to include a deployment theme if you want. This picture, for example, is absolutely precious:

Found on Pinterest. Click here for link

If you search around the web, you'll find there are lots of great photo ideas, some you could even do yourself.

Besides photographs, you can create fun photo gifts like calenders, coffee mugs, even pillowcases! Look into websites such as Snapfish or Shutterfly and explore their products.

4. Favorite Things - Make this box all about dad! What are his favorite snacks and treats? Who is is favorite author? What is his favorite coffee? Send all these things, perhaps along with a list of your child's favorite things about dad.

5. Coupon Book -   Download one or create your own! Include coupons for his return, like a long afternoon nap, or his favorite meal. There are links for these all over the internet and Pinterest, but here's a free, printable one that I found: Disney Family Coupon Book

6. Everything Else! - Because the Hubs and I don't have kids, I've never made this type of care package. But here are a few links to some truly excellent ideas:

          Dad is my HERO box

          Flavors of our Super Dad

          Hero Printables

          Printable Dad Awards

And that concludes my Father's Day Care Package ideas. Please share any ideas you have as well, I love hearing from all of you. Until then, happy packing!

Thanks for reading, everyone!
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  1. Totally adorable! These are great projects, and Daddy can be even more a part of the kids' lives even when he is deployed and they in his.