July 29, 2012

Guest Blog: "The Kid's" World View

For the past several weeks I've been lucky enough to have my mom and youngest sister visiting with me. Being married to the military means the Hubs and I move often, with no idea how close we might be to family at any given moment. When opportunities arise for an actual face-to-face visit, we definitely take advantage!  

Currently, we're about 1900 miles apart from my youngest sis and a large chunk of the Fam. This week, that distance shortened to about 50 feet (the distance from my master bedroom to my guest bedroom!) 

Whenever my littlest sis visits (let's call her The Kid, kay?), we like to test out new things, whether that be food or experiences, or... well.... whatever. Annnnnnddddddd, despite the fact she is glaring at me right this very instant, one new experience I thought she should try is blogging! 

So, here goes! Insight via The Kid is now at your disposal. I'm sure she'll be enlightening. Or possibly annoying. Maybe even perspicacious (look it up, people!). Whatever she is, I know it will be great entertainment. Enjoy! 

Okay well, despite popular belief, I'm not THAT annoying. Actually the only person I attempt to annoy as much as possible is The Freak, a.k.a. the chick who usually writes these things. But now I'm taking over, mwhahaha. Prepare yourselves.

So uh...I'm guess I'm just gonna tell you about random food I have obtained from World Market.
First off...PINK HOT CHOCOLATEE! Okay, well...it was supposed to be pink.

By the way, when I was warming up the milk, I did in fact manage to get it on the cabinets... BUT DON'T TELL MY SISTER! And don't ask how it happened, just...don't. Anyways, once all the milk was removed from the cabinets and placed appropriately into the mug, we kinda discovered that it was more white than pink. Stupidly deceiving labels on random foreign food...ANY WHO! In an attempt to make it more beautiful, I delicately placed whipped cream and sprinkles on it. Quite gorgeous I must say.

Unfortunately, this gloriousness didn't last very long. In an attempt to get a better picture of the finished product my darling older sister took this cup of magic out onto the balcony and guess what happened?

She murdered it.

BAM! All my hard work spilled onto the concrete.

I know this gruesome scene may be hard to look at... I apologize.  I almost cried myself, and you know what? I think The Freak planned this. Have me make a stunning *coughcough*ugly*coughcough* hot chocolate and then terminate it in front of me. Heartbreaking, isn't it? Oh well, c'est la vie. 

Even though it was ruined, The Freak and I tried to take one last picture to show off the drink. Very Vouge, isn't it?

Buuuut, I still drank it... I just couldn't resist. I must say it tasted very odd. Definitely not like normal hot chocolate. It tasted more like milk with some sort of mysterious substance in it. I'm not sure if it's suppose to taste like this, OR if during our balcony adventure some deadly toxin creeped its way in. If so... well, my sister drank it to so you're going to have to find some entertainment other than her ramblings.

Some of the other random, foreign foods we tested? Here you go:

Possibly more coming soon... if you're lucky. Anyways, I guess it's time for me to go. Bye bye strangers of the unknown! I return you to The Freak...

Ahem... the Freak? Well, KID... I'm going to remember that at Christmas. And I'm going to inspect those cabinets!!

I hope you've all enjoyed the entertainment stylings of my littlest sis... she's something else, isn't she? Hopefully, we'll be hearing from her on occasion in the near future.  I love that snarky attitude and random insightful musings. Until then, I'll keep you posted!

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  1. Made me laugh! Good job, The Kid! The Freak, be more careful ;) lol!