August 11, 2012

Bathroom Makeover

In the beginning, there was woman... and she liked her bathroom decorated in purple, with soft, romantic flowers. But then... there was man. Man wooed the woman, and eventually reached an elevated status as the Hubs. The Hubs did not approve of purple flowers in his bathroom, but he endured for many, many years.

UNTIL... day, the woman and the Hubs moved into a new space, where there were two bathrooms instead of one. The Hubs entertained daydreams of a new master bathroom, but this was not to be so. Instead, woman crushed his dreams, and placed all the new furnishings in the guest bathroom. The Hubs was devastated.

The new guest bathroom 

Both woman and the Hubs loved the new guest bathroom. The master bathroom looked old and boring in comparison, but still the woman would not  redecorate.

Time passed, and the woman grew tired of purple flowers. The old decorations didn't look the same in their new space. Visions of a new bathroom plagued her. The Hubs encouraged these musings, until one day the woman went shopping with a friend, and the vision took root...

Okee dokee, let's get real here. We all know that I am the stubborn woman who refused to redecorate her bathroom. Naturally, my buddy Becky (remember her from our New York City weekend?) was the shopping influence which changed my mind.

All rooms need a little refreshing once in a while, or so I am told. The scheme of our master bathroom actually pre-dated the Hubs. Pretty pathetic, isn't it? As we moved from place to place, those decorations never really changed, even if they didn't fit our new space as well as they should have. After much badgering from the Hubs about having a more manly bathroom, I finally took a good look around and realized... he was right.  

That hurt to say, just a little.

Ok, a lot. But I'm already moving past it, and so should you.

I'm going to take a huge risk here, and show you some 'before' photos of the master bathroom. Please don't judge me.

The old master bathroom 

My eyes! No one would look at this and think a grown woman and her husband share this bathroom. Ugh. I promise this looked way cuter in the first bathroom these decorations graced. I used to have a claw foot tub, and an antique sink. I also used to live without the macho influence, so purple flowers were acceptable.

After several moves with the Hubs though, certain items were lost or damaged as well. For example, that green rug is hideous. That rug used to be a beautiful eggplant color, and it was thick and delicious-feeling on your feet. I don't even know how we came by that green rug in the first place. I'm ashamed of how far we've fallen, really.

I'm not normally a person to make rash decisions, but the bathroom situation has changed me. Perhaps the idea had been simmering in my brain for a while, and simply chose an opportune time to surface. Or perhaps I just couldn't take it anymore. Whatever the reason, I went shopping with Becky one day as she searched for a few items, and somehow wound up with new stuff.

Sort of.

Usually people would pick out their shower curtain first. After all, the rest of the bathroom scheme would revolve around that color/pattern.

Not me. Uh-uh. No way. I just gotta be different.

With no shower curtain, and no idea how I really wanted to decorate, I bought these while wandering around World Market:

Peacock Bath Accessories

Cute, right?

Of course, I had nothing to go with them. While I pushed the cart around the store, I envisioned them in my bathroom. Almost instantly, I just knew I was going to create a beachy oasis for the Hubs. His favorite color is orange, but blue is a close second. The beach isn't too girly, and I felt we would both love this idea.

With that in mind, I also snagged a hurricane glass and a scented candle (Mediterranean Sea, of course!)

Hurricane glass and candle

And that was that. I took the items home, the Hubs loved the idea, and I promptly set them aside until I found just the right shower curtain.

Here is where we encountered the problem.

None of the shower curtains I looked at were very appealing. They were boring! I couldn't settle on one, so the few pieces I'd already purchased were collecting dust. Frustration set in.

I wanted something new, different... something no one else would have. Something colorful, perhaps. The beach theme was slowly being replaced with a new vision. I searched online and in stores. I asked my friends and family for their ideas. Old, indecisive me was back. UNTIL...

I saw this.

Aqua Burn Shower Curtain by DENY Designs

Hallelujah! This was The One. Not only would my recent purchases fit in, but the Hubs would have both blue and orange in his bathroom. I was ecstatic.

Of course, a bathroom needs more than just an amazing shower curtain. It needs doodads and doohickies, stuff for the walls. I started a stockpile of bathroom items, and added to it every time I found something new.

For several weeks, I searched through local stores, looking for just the right accents. I returned to World Market several times, but I also found some interesting items at Hobby LobbyWalmart, and Bed Bath and BeyondAmazon helped me fill in the gaps. Here's a look at some of the accessories I purchased (a full link list will be provided at the end):


With all my doodads in place, it was finally time to put it all together. This is not as easy as it sounds! Hanging the shower curtain was easy. Deciding where to put everything else? Not so much.

But I persevered, and eventually the thing was done. Our new bathroom was complete. Not too girly, not too macho... just right.

Drum roll please.....

Here it is!

The new bathroom 

It's not easy to take photographs in a bathroom, but I did my best for you. I had such fun arranging all our new items. I feel awake when I walk in this bathroom every morning, the colors are so vibrant.

So, what do you think?

Sometimes, we're in a rut without ever realizing it. Making over a room can be a fun way to add something new in your life. I know I had a great time on this project. And while the Hubs is delighted with our new space, there is one problem...

Now I want to make over all the other rooms too!

So, happy decorating my friends! If your husbands want to know why you're spending money to redecorate all your rooms too, it's ok to not mention this post. Blame it on the sun, moon, and stars, but please don't blame me :)

I recently replaced the orange vase with a beautiful Amberina one that my Dad gave me as a Christmas gift. Check it out:

I also added a framed art piece that I found at Ikea...

But those are all the changes I've made (for now, haha)!

If you see something you like from this post, here's a link list to help you find it! Also, there is a handy, dandy tutorial at the bottom if you want to learn how to fold your towels "fancy":

Aqua Burn Shower Curtain by DENY Designs

Peacock Bath Accessories

                  Mediterranean Sea Mottled Candle Collection

                  Adorn Glass Hurricane Collection

                 Mexican Pumpkin Mottled Candle Collection

                 Hanging Glass Jars (the larger sizes can be found in stores)

Square Tealight Holders (can be purchased individually in store)

                  Tall Glass Bottle (Orange) (various sizes can be purchased in store)

                  Square Glass Bottle (Blue) (various sizes can purchased in store)

                  Square Glass Bottle (Orange) (various sizes in store)

                 Dried Floral Bouquet (more options in store)

Umbra Wallflower Decor

 Select Edition Ultra-Soft Bath Rug (multiple sizes)

 Deco Glass Stone Mix (Blue)

 Deco Glass Stone Mix (Orange)

 Eclipse Shower Curtain Hooks

                   *Found in store, no product match online*

                Ivory Canopy Towel

                Mainstays Core Wash Towel (in orange and blue, found in store)



  1. This is such a pretty bathroom, I love that shower curtain!!!!!!!! Nice meeting you at book club last night, hope to see you again next month.

    1. Thanks! I will definitely be there :) Now that I've redone the bathroom, I'm getting the bug to work in other rooms!

  2. Yes, I agree that your bathroom design is fairly unisex, not too girly, and not too macho as well. I also love the combination of blue and orange, which, to be honest, is very soothing on the eyes. Don’t you have any windows in there?

    -Carmella Vancil

    1. I'm glad you liked the color combo! Sadly, no windows in either of our bathrooms. We are apartment living right now, until our next duty station. Sometimes that is much easier when you're dealing with the military and moving :)

  3. Your bathroom is so adorable! It is neatly arranged and elegantly designed. The lime green color creates a vibrant and welcoming ambiance. Every visitor of your home will surely love using this bathroom. It seems that your bathroom is mold-free. I’m hoping that molds will not occur and grow in this stunning bathroom. Just be sure to maintain it dry because molds easily grow and multiply in bathrooms, and it’s their nature to form in wet areas.

    Soledad Feigenbaum

  4. Like what Carmella said, you definitely have a great balance, and have come up with a unisex bathroom design! It wasn’t easy but you were able to pull it off! Are all these your ideas? Good job!

    -Althea Tumlin

    1. Thanks! Yes, these were my ideas. I spent forever planning what we wanted, but we were really happy with the results :)