March 16, 2013

Exploring Your World: Basket BINGO

This weekend, some friends and I attended a great event on post, Basket BINGO!

What is Basket Bingo, you ask? Well, it's exactly what it sounds like. Bingo games with various baskets as prizes. Longaberger baskets, to be exact. And they were filled with fun stuff!

Now, I've got a confession to make. I am extremely unlucky when it comes to bingo, but only for myself. Ironically, those around me seem to have way better luck. I think my mojo leaks out of my ears or something, and then all my peeps snatch it up before I know what's happening.

So, you can imagine how I felt as I walked into the bingo room... I knew I wouldn't be winning a basket, but I had high hopes that some of my pals would.  In fact, as we settled into our seats, I was so confident in my mojo, I announced my predictions:

"I'm not going to win anything, but the three of you? Y'all are all going to win." 

The table chuckled a little, and the conversation progressed even further.

"In fact, if y'all win, I think I should get a commission or something, because I'm giving you all of my luck."

Ha. Ha. Ha ha. Hardee har har.

No way they would all win something, right? There were ten games, only so much luck could go around.


They all totally won.

My mojo lives on! Not only did our table win the majority of the games, but they also snatched up some of the door prizes.

And since I was smart enough to add conditions on their wins (and the use of my mojo), I actually wound up with my commission, hahaha. I may not be lucky for myself, but I really think there could be something to this. I should start renting out my mojo to deserving peeps. What do you think?

My commission

I love my new basket, and all the cute stuff inside of it. Poor guy, my friend's husband originally won this pink Army wife basket. I think you can see why this is my commission, yes?

At the end of the evening, we'd all had a blast. I loved playing bingo even though I didn't technically win.

No matter where you're stationed, there are usually great events like this on your post. Check out your local MWR for all the cool events taking place each month. If you're currently stationed at Ft. Bliss, here's the link for yours: Bliss MWR.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and enjoys their Saint Patrick's Day! Please feel free to share some of the fun events in your town.

As always,

Thanks for reading, everyone!
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