January 16, 2012

The Final Score

When the Hubs and I first met, I don't think he suspected I was the kind of girl to jump up and down and scream over a football game. (American football for all my European friends out there) The sorry truth is that I'm normally not that kind of girl. UNLESS.... my boys in blue are taking the field.

When that happens, I turn into a raving lunatic. Four of my good pals can testify to that fact after our recent evening together.

I try to restrain myself, I really do. But something in my brain switches off when I hear the ref making a bad call... suddenly I'm on my feet, yelling obscenities at the television as if they might take notice and change their minds. The opposite is also true. A touchdown scored is excuse enough for me to do a victory dance right along with my favorite players (also at the top of my lungs). I call out words of encouragement, and I groan when a play goes terribly wrong.

In short, I behave exactly the way my Hubs does over any sporting event on tv. His sickness is more widespread, but I think he might be contagious. And I'm a little scared.

All of that jumping around is hard work! My voice goes hoarse after just a few hours. I really think these demonstrations should be reserved for special events only, don't you? Of course, today certainly qualifies, as the final score worked in my favor.

I'm hoping next weekend is a beautiful repeat, as I'll be doing this all over again when the Giants take on the 49ers in the NFC championship game. I'm saving up all my really good insults, just in case those referees need a talking to, and I've been practicing my dance moves (hopefully no one catches those on film!)

While all of that might be fun by itself, it's also an opportunity to have friends over for some good-natured ribbing. Oh, and the food... game day food is the best. Especially since I work off all those calories with the yelling, dancing, and jumping around. (Please don't shatter my illusions!)

What that means for you are some fun recipes coming up this week. I'm making a fabulous Buffalo Chicken Dip that was inspired by my fellow Giants fan, Jackie. She's my favorite person this week since we're on the same side against all the non-believers. I'm really going to miss her when she moves this spring, but such is the military life. It's a great excuse to party while we can, so I'm taking full advantage of it!

If I'm lucky, no one will have a camera in hand while I attempt my touchdown celebrations. On the off chance the unthinkable happens... well, I'm not shy. I'll be sure to let you in on my humiliation. And naturally, I expect my team to win. I also suspect I'll never hear the end of it if they lose. Such is the life of a crazed football fanatic.

Until then... GO GIANTS!

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