July 3, 2014

The Big List of "Welcome Home" Signs

Homecomings are, without a doubt, one of the best moments you can ever experience. People everywhere tear up watching these reunions, even if they've never been there and have no idea what it's like being related to a soldier. As a spouse you've worried, and waited, and worried some more. There have been sleepless nights and days when you just knew you couldn't do it anymore. But then you did. And you got through.

Homecoming is the culmination of all those emotions. If you're like me, you worry over it and nitpick at the details. You focus so much on that one moment, you drive yourself crazy. Sometimes I don't think we can help it. What are you going to wear? What will the kids wear? Decorate the house, yay or nay? Homecoming party? Probably not. Do I bake a cake? Do I have sexy lingerie??

Yep, all those thoughts and a million more are in there. Luckily, I'm here to help! I worried over creating a sign for homecoming, but had no idea what to say. I'm hoping this list will relieve a little stress for someone else out there who has the same worries I did. Please add your ideas in the comments too, you know I love hearing from you!

And always remember that no matter what you do, your soldier will be so happy to see you, nothing else really matters.

Signs For Your Door/Yard:

1. Do Not Disturb, Welcoming Home My Hero!

2. Free Welcome Banners from Build A Sign (thanks to Kimberly Connerly for her suggestion!)

3. Always Under the Same Stars, Finally Under the Same Roof!

4. (Fill in the blank) Days Away, Our Hero is Home Today!

5.  Use glowsticks to create a welcome home message on your lawn or door

6. Use stencils and flour to create a welcome home sign on your lawn

Signs for the Runway (picking your soldier up at the airfield):

1.  His Eyes Are (fill in blank), His Boots Are Tan, Out Of My Way, So I Can Kiss My Man!

2. I'd Wait For You Forever, But (fill in length of deployment) Was Long Enough!

3. Home is Where the Heart Is, and Mine is Finally Back!

4. It's Been (fill in the blank) Days Since You Hugged Me, That Streak Ends Now!

5. After (fill in the blank) Days, You're Right Where You Need To Be, Welcome Home!

6. (Fill in name of soldier), I Hope You're Ready For Our 2nd (or 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc) First Kiss!

7. Missed Me, Missed Me, Now You Gotta Kiss Me!

8. We've Waited (fill in the blank) Days For This Moment, Welcome Home!

9. The Longer The Wait, The Sweeter The Kiss. I've Waited (fill in the blank) Days For This!

10. For (Fill in the blank) Months I Held You In My Heart, Today I Hold You In My Arms

11. I'm Here to Pick Up My Hero!

12. Our Missing Puzzle Piece Is Finally Home!

13. (Fill in soldier's name), Get Your Hugs Here!

14. (Fill in the Blank) Sleepless Nights,
      (Fill in the blank) Hours Trying To Stay Busy,
      (Fill in the blank) Minutes Of My Phone on the Loudest Ring Possible,
      (Fill in the blank) Seconds Waiting For You To Come Home….
      Seeing You For the First Time in Countless Months = PRICELESS 

15. (Fill in the blank) Months
      (Fill in the blank) Days
      (Fill in the blank) Hours
      (Fill in the blank) Minutes
      (Fill in the blank) Seconds

       You Are Worth The Wait! 

16. Together Forever, Never Apart, Maybe In Distance, But Never in The Heart!

17. Home of the Free, Because of the Brave. Welcome Home (fill in the blank)!

18. Now That You're Home, Here is Your Honey Do List: Hug Me, Hold Me, Kiss Me!

19. Happiness is in the Arms of My Soldier, Welcome Home!

20. My Husband = My Hero. Welcome Home!

21. For medics: Hey Doc (fill in the blank), Can You Take a Look at This?

22. I Was There The Day You Left, and I'm Here to Welcome You Home!

23. Forget the Knight in Shining Armor, I'll Take My Soldier!

24. Here To Pick Up The Love Of My Life!

25. (Fill in the blank) Months Was Nothing Since We Have Forever!

26. I Love My Soldier, Welcome Home (fill in the blank)!

27. Blessed to Welcome Home Our Hero!

28. (Fill in soldier's rank/name), Your Mrs. Needs Some Kisses!

29. (Fill in the blank) Nights of Waiting, Praying, and Dreaming for This Moment… Welcome Home, Soldier!

30. Postage for Care Packages: $ (fill in dollar amount)
      Phone Cards & Internet Packages: $ (fill in dollar amount)
      Paints and Supplies for this Sign: $ (fill in dollar amount)
      Holding You For the First Time in (fill in the blank) months: PRICELESS

31. Dreams Do Come True, Welcome Home, I've Missed You!

32. Welcome Home Husband, Father, and Hero. We Missed You!

Signs for Kids:

1. I've Waited My Whole Life to Meet You

2. Red, white, and blue welcome sign with kid's handprints as the border. "These Are The Hands That Prayed For Your Safe Return"

3. Outta My Way, I Get My Daddy (or Mommy) Back Today!

4. Hand Over My Daddy (or Mommy)!

5. I Just Met You, And This Is Crazy, But I'm Your Son/Daughter!

6. Welcome Home Daddy/Mommy! I Spent (fill in the blank) Days Missing You!

7. Warning: My Daddy/Mommy Is Here, and I'll Run You Over To Get To Him!

8. I'm Meeting My Daddy For the First Time Today!

9. You Owe Mom 1,222 Diaper Changes!

10. He's Not Just My Daddy, He's My Hero!

11. Welcome Home Daddy! I Took Care of Mommy While You Were Gone :)

12. Welcome Home Daddy/Mommy, Look How Big I've Gotten!

13. You Left Behind One Heart, but Now You're Coming Home to Two! (For babies born during deployments)

14. I'm Daddy's Princess, and He's My Hero

15. Come and Meet Your Mini-Me!

16. Daddy, Get Your Hugs and Kisses Here! (with an arrow pointing down to the child)

17. (Fill in the blank) Days Old, and Ready To Meet My Daddy!

Decorate Your Car:

1. If I'm speeding, it's because I'm on my way to pick up my soldier!

2. Move it or lose it, our daddy is coming home today!

3. Half My Heart is Coming Home Today!

4. Today We Welcome Home Our Heroes!

5. Beep, Beep, Outta My Way, Daddy's Coming Home Today!

And now for the last list. The, ahem… dirty and flirty signs. A lot of people don't like seeing these at homecomings, and I can't blame them. After all, there are lots of little kids around. And seriously peeps, some things should be private. BUT, you could always hang these in the hallway leading to your bedroom, haha. So here goes…

For the Home/Bedroom:

1. I Can't Wait To Untie Your Boots and Find Your Camo All Over My Floor!

2. If You Think (Afghanistan/Iraq) Was Hot, Wait Until Tonight!

3. Welcome Home Honey, I Hope You Slept on the Plane!

4, Welcome Home, Are You Ready to be Debriefed and Boarded?

5. Next Mission: Operation Nookie (and you're in command!)

6. Welcome Home, I Can't Wait To Get My Hands on You!

7. I'm Glad To Have You Back, Now Let's Jump in the Sack!

8. 1, 2, 3, 4… Let Those ACUs Hit The Floor!

9. 1 Faithful Wife + 1 Deployed Soldier = Babysitter Needed!

10.  Job Well Done, Come and Get Your Reward!

I hope these lists help someone out there. I'll be back with more homecoming posts, hopefully soon. Until next time, my friends!

Thanks for reading, everyone!
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