July 1, 2014

Cooking with The Kid

I love having someone to share the kitchen with when The Kid visits. She's a total natural… though she does complain about touching raw chicken. Apparently, this is icky.

The Kid in my chef hat
We're traveling a lot whilst she's visiting, but there is downtime in between. We fill that time with food and games, and other fun stuff. So far, The Kid has learned to make an amazing grilled cheese (ham and gouda on brioche bread), how to fry an egg, and last night we tackled my BBQ Chicken Pizza recipe

Raw chicken is icky

We even made a family breakfast one morning (with some help from the Hubs), that included a blueberry compote for our pancakes! The Kid kicks some serious butt in the kitchen. 

I know this might seem like a weird kind of happy to some, especially for those who hate cooking. But for me, the kitchen is the heart of the home. I always helped my dad in the kitchen, and it was so much fun. Meals (and the time it took to prepare them) were family time. Food brought everyone together at the same time and the same place, for at least an hour. We talked, we laughed…. we were involved in each other's lives. The rest of the day we might be working or running errands or whatever. But at dinner, we were together. 

I love carrying on this tradition with The Kid. She picks the music, I pick the food. We joke. We laugh. We occasionally throw food. It's fantastic.

We also take bizarre kitchen selfies as a form of entertainment.

The Kid

Me and The Fam are leaving for Rome in a few days, so keep up with our adventures on the Army Life Facebook page! I'll keep posting here as well, when I can. In the meantime, enjoy your own summer holiday, and maybe cook a meal together….

Until next time my friends, happy cooking!  

Thanks for reading, everyone!
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