September 4, 2014

Man Crates: What's in Your Box?

I was contacted recently with an intriguing proposition. A company called Man Crates wanted to know what my top five, must-have, do or die items are…. interesting, yes? The name captured me right away. What exactly is a man crate? I was intrigued enough to find out.

Peeps, you have no idea how cool these are.

The bacon crate

Not only are these boy-friendly, but they come with a personalized crowbar for breaking into the crate. You heard me! A crowbar… because, and I quote, "unwrapping gifts is half the fun".

The Hubs would go nuts over this. Especially the Bacon Crate. And the NFL Barware Crate. And the Golfer's Crate… and don't forget the Snack Pack Crate! Since the company also ships to APO, I am totally sold. I love supporting companies that support our soldiers (at this point I should probably add that I'm not getting paid or compensated for this review, haha. These opinions are all my own. I hope you check out the website and decide for yourself what you think).

So, the big question is… what would be my essentials? What could I not survive without? What makes my heart flutter?

That is not as easy to answer as you think. But I've thought it over, and I think I know. I'm totally discounting the basic essentials like food and water, because what fun would that be?! Let's do this.

1. My Camera - Anyone who knows me well, knows that I hardly go anywhere without my camera. I document everything. I doubt being stuck on a stranded island would stop me!

2. Books, books, and more books - You can have your TV and reality shows. What I need in life are books! Everything from Shakespeare to Harry Potter, I want it all. So load me up an iPad with all my favorites, and I'll be happy.

Well, except for the whole I'd be stuck on an island thing.

3. I really wanted to say coconut oil, but I'm hoping my island comes equipped with coconuts. So instead, I'm gonna go with my vitamins! I totally feel the difference when I don't get my daily dose. A definite must-have.

4. My Food Processor - Yep. I'll def need this for whatever random food I find on my island. Could you maybe include the electricity to run it too? Awesome, thanks. Since I'm asking, maybe we could just move my whole kitchen. Yes, that's a better idea. I promise to cook for anyone else stranded with me!

5. The Hubs - Or maybe the dog. Or the Hubs. Or my Lucy dog…

Agh, decisions, decisions!!

Yes, I know this is not a material object. But I never want to do without my Hubs! Or my Lucy dog. If I'm gonna be stranded, then he is dang well going to be stranded with me. And so is the dog.

You feel what I'm saying here? I'll give them some air holes in the crate until I can open it…

So, what is your top five? What would be in your crate? Comment below, my friends! This was fun, I might need to do a top five more often. Until next time, happy shopping (you know you're gonna be checking out Man Crates now)!

Thanks for reading, everyone!
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