September 24, 2014

The Devil's Footprint - Munich, Germany

One place I take all my family and friends when they visit us is Munich. I love the hustle and bustle, I love the history, and I love the free walking tour! I've actually taken this tour three times now.

I know what you're thinking… why would I take the same tour three times???

Well, it's never been the same twice! Some of the stops have repeated, of course. But my guide has always been different, and they each have a unique perspective and various stories. Plus people really like that it's free (you should tip your guide at the end, however).

On this last visit to Munich, our guide took us somewhere I'd never been before, and told the coolest story about a time when Satan visited Munich… and he left behind a footprint!

Devil's footprint!! 
Do you wanna hear the story? If you don't, then stop reading, ha!

So, for those of you still here…

Legend says that when the Frauenkirche was being built (the large church where this footprint is contained), the devil did not want any more churches built in Munich. He went to see this new church, and mistakenly thought there were not any windows inside of it. He found the interior to be so dark and dreary, he thought it would be easy to lure souls away from the church.

Rather than destroy the church (which was his original intention), the devil instead made a deal with the builder. If no more windows were added to the church, he would add speed for the church to be built and not destroy it. Years later, the devil returned to see the completed church….

… Imagine his surprise to find windows along the entire outside of the church!! He called for the builder, and was quite angry with him. He demanded the builder's soul for breaking their deal. BUT, the builder hadn't actually welched on their agreement. You see, the windows had always been there. They were blocked by columns that line the church, so the devil had not seen them from the inside.

The builder told Satan to come look inside, and he would see that the windows were hidden and he had been tricked. Sure enough, the windows were not visible from the inside. The devil was so angry, he stamped his foot into the ground and turned into an angry whirlwind. To this day, the footprint remains and Munich is said to have an evil wind that blows around and causes headaches in the people.

Grandma and Auntie at the Hofbrauhaus

I doubt the availability of beer has anything to do with those headaches, what do you think?? (I better say, so I don't get fussed at, that beer isn't my grandma's… I stuck mine in front of her and told her I wanted a pic! She doesn't really drink).

So, the next time you're in Munich, check out the devil's footprint and perhaps the free walking tour. Our day was loads of fun! I'll be back soon, I only have a week left to visit with my grandma before she returns to the States. Until then, happy travels!

Thanks for reading, everyone!
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