December 12, 2013

Pinterest Tested: Remove Candle Wax From Jars

A while back, the Hubs surprised me with a romantic evening (translate: he lit some candles while I cooked dinner, haha). By the end of our meal, the candles burned low. In the morning, I realized the wax had melted into the container and stubbornly refused to be removed.

Hence the need for this Pinterest Tested post. 

This is what my candleholders looked like before the magic happened:

I searched the net and came up with several solutions. Plus, lots of you sent me some great ideas on the ArmyLife Facebook page

Here were your suggestions:

1. Set holder into hot water and wait for wax to loosen
2. Microwave the holders
3. Place holders in freezer, wait one day, then remove wax

Also, there was one preventative measure, which I'll be testing now that my holders are clean: 

1. Before burning a candle, spray a little Pam on the inside. The wax should pop right out after use. 

This is the link to the pin I based my test on: Jars for Things

To get started, I used my trusty tea pot (a gift from the Hubs!) to heat some water to boiling.

I was a little scared to get the water too hot, because I thought my jars might shatter. Then I remembered that I used those jars to hold burning candles.

*smacks head*

Ja, the boiling water was a-ok.

After carefully adding the water to my jars, I noticed the wax began to melt right away. I managed to leave it alone for about 30 minutes, but then I couldn't take the waiting any more! Using a butter knife, I gently loosened the wax stuck to the bottom of the holder.

Left: Immediately after adding water
Right: Wax loosened by knife

I allowed the water to cool overnight, but I don't think you need to wait that long. An hour or two would probably be fine. You definitely want the water at room temperature before you empty it though, otherwise you might accidentally pour hot, melty wax down your drains.

In the morning, I scooped out all the wax, then washed my holder with soap and water. And viola!

Clean, practically new candle holders!!

Clean, like-new candle holders

I decided to try out the preventative measure suggested by you (spraying Pam in the bottom of the holder before adding the candle). Next time we have a candle catastrophe (knowing Hubs, that could be soon, ha), I'll let ya know if it worked. If you have more suggestions or experiences with this, please comment below. I love hearing from you…

Until then, happy pinning!

Thanks for reading, everyone!
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