January 25, 2014

My Thoughts Exactly…

In recent months, I've been doing a lot of thinking about this blog. Like, should I continue? Should I change my content? Should I get my own domain name? Should I change the look? My style?

Lots of unanswered questions. BUT, I did make one important decision.

I don't want to give up this blog. I love it, and I love hearing from you. I am, however, going to make some changes.

Nothing major, don't worry!! You'll still be getting lots of army life tips. The recipes, and travel, and Pinterest posts will all continue. What I want, is to add something new. Something I've been denying you (and myself) for quite some time.

I want to get to know you better, and I really want you to know me.

I'm making an effort to post more often, and to share our army life with you. But it's hard to write such detailed posts, with links and downloads, every day. Those are great, and super useful, and I'll never stop doing them. Those topics are why I started blogging in the first place!


I feel like I've played it safe with you (my fabulous readers!), by only posting about neutral and informative topics. All of that changes today.

Today I promise to start posting, if not everyday, at least more than twice a week. These new posts could be anything… I might talk about the Hubs, or almost burning my house down (yeah, that happened once!), or just ask your opinion on a hot topic, or advice when I'm losing my mind. I might just need a rant session. Who knows?

They may be short, or long. Heck, they might only be two sentences, I don't know. Could be a video, or just pictures. Could be anything really. But, I promise you this… they will be personal. They'll be relative to what's happening in my life. Not just information, but sharing.

So, with that in mind, this is today in a nutshell:

It "snowed". And by snow, I mean random flakes that occasionally stuck to the ground and mostly melted. It was cold, overcast, and dreary.

I loved every second! The Hubs has been working a lot, so I used today to play catch up. I slept in. Then I did the laundry and the dishes, and I took my dog for a long walk.

At which point, she knocked me into the mud as I tried to play fetch with her. So much for loving every second, haha.

The rest of the evening was full of… well, mud. On my coat, on the dog. Which then transferred to my floors and one of my dining chairs. I still haven't cleaned the chair. Or the floor. Mostly because I was traumatized while trying to bathe the dog.

Now, instead of cleaning the floors, I'm having a fat glass of wine and ice cream for dinner. Productiveness is officially over. Bring on the mindless TV or movie. I think I'll let the Hubs pick.

So, bye for now peeps! Tomorrow will hopefully be less dirty :)

Thanks for reading, everyone!
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