January 13, 2014

Regensburg Christmas Markets


This is the last Christmas market post of the season.

I miss them already.

The lights, the food, the drinks, the crafts… the sheer festiveness and fun. I've never experienced Christmas this way before, and I'm pretty sure I'm ruined for life. Christmas will never be the same.

What will I do back in the States??!

So, I've got to enjoy it while I can. I fully plan to visit as many Christmas markets as I can in the few years we have here.  My gluhwein mug collection will be enormous.

This last outing, I visited Regensburg with Hohenfels' ACS. There are many small markets around the city, and we visited most of them. In fact, I found my absolute favorite Christmas market (so far). Unlike some of the others, you pay to visit this market, but the entry fee is totally worth it. Known locally as the Romantic Market, the Thurn und Taxis Weihnachtsmarkt is beautiful.

Thurn und Taxis Christmas Market

The booths are strung with lights, decorated with evergreens. Fire pits abound. As night falls, the market definitely lives up to its romantic tag. Now that I've been, I can't wait to take the Hubs next year.

The other markets around the city are also fun, don't get me wrong. But this one spoke to me. It said, 'Stop, stay a while. Eat, drink, and be merry'. 

Of course, you know me, so the 'eating' part stuck out quite a bit, ha. After walking most of the afternoon, in the cold, we were all ready to warm up with a little food and drink.

The Regensburg markets impressed me with the abundance of their food choices. Looking back through my photos, I think I snapped more images of the good eats than anything else! Check it out:

Top left: Apfelkuchel
Bottom left: Spit meat
Right: Roasted nuts
The Apfelkuchel (above) is so dang delicious! Basically, fresh apple slices are dipped in batter, then fried, and then coated in sugar and cinnamon.

Ja, I ate those. And I would have kept going, except there were so many delicious things at the market to eat!

Left:  ½ meter hotdog (sausage)
Right: Bread, cheese, and meat vendor

The States may have the footlong, but the Germans have the ½ meter dog! The variety of sausage here is outrageous… I doubt I'll be able to taste them all in the few years we have. So far, I haven't found one that I didn't like.

BUT, my absolute favorite treat at the market is something I'll probably dream about until the next time I can eat it. So garlicy, buttery, and delicious, it's a hard treat to forget:


Kind of like pizza, but not. Better. Soooo much better. The bread was fried right in front of us, then topped with a white sauce which is out of this world, scary-crazy delicious. You can add toppings or not, it's totally up to you.

You MUST try this if you have an opportunity. Seriously. Don't doubt me, peeps! If no one had been watching, I would have gone back for another, no lie.

I'm pretty bummed the holiday season is over, but I'm already planning my market trips for next year. I know I'll never be able to visit every market, but I'm dang sure gonna try. Luckily, Germany doesn't need much of a reason to have a festival. Various ones abound through the year, with all the same elements… beer, food, and community. Fasching will be here before I know it!

Until then, I'll keep you updated with all our travels. I'm visiting London this week, and Venice in the early spring. And of course, I'll also have more recipes and more Pinterest tested, and more army life tips! Talk to ya again soon!

Thanks for reading, everyone!
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