January 29, 2014

Freedom Birds Jewelry

Hi peeps! I'm working on a ton of posts right now, with more Pinterest tested and army life tips. Actually, tonight I'm trying a new pin… how to make "healthy" ice cream out of nothing but bananas. I'm praying to all the Pinterest gods that this actually works, as my rear end could definitely use a lower fat option, ha!

Today, though, I wanted to share something special with you. How many of you shop Etsy? I'm completely obsessed with finding great artists who share their craft, especially those who support our military. And I want to pass along one of my new favorite jewelry shops, run by a military spouse. She donates 10% of all profits to the Wounded Warrior Project, how amazing is that?!

Her online shop is called FreedomBirdsJewelry. Many of the pieces are antique, and the stamped items can be completely personalized. She named her shop, and designs her jewelry, in representation of the freedom our military men and women fight for everyday. The "Freedom Bird" represents the plane which brings our soldiers back from war.

She is AWESOME. And reasonably priced, always a plus! 

Check out some of her pieces:

Faith Hope Love necklace, $20

Vintage Bronze Button bracelet, $25

Vintage Button Necklace, $20

Antique Edwardian Turquoise and Bronze Brooch necklace, $30

Apache Helicopter stamped necklace, $25

This is just a small selection of her pieces. Check out the whole shop to see even more. I LOVE supporting a fellow spouse whenever I can, and her art is really fabulous.

Do you know other spouses who run a shop, or sell their work, or volunteer for a great project? Add them in the comments!

I'll be back soon with more posts :)

Thanks for reading, everyone!
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  1. I love the accessories. I some kinda classic style.

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    1. I love her stuff, I bought two pieces last month! She is fantastic, very classic