August 8, 2014

Back In The Swing…

It's been a long and wonderful summer! I know there are a few weeks left for most of you, but I'm getting back into the swing of life again after 6 weeks of family fun…

That isn't as easy as it sounds.

I'm really missing all the hustle and bustle of having visitors. We were on the go so much, flitting off to Paris, and Rome, and Venice, and so many exotic places. Now the house seems empty and boring. Part of me wants to breathe a big sigh of relief, and the other part of me is demanding more adventure.

Do you know what I mean? I really hope I'm not the only one who's felt this way. I miss cooking meals with The Kid. I miss going on long walks with the dog, and actually having company. I miss the train rides through the beautiful countryside. And snuggling on the couch. And giggling over silly jokes.

I miss this face.

Cute, isn't she?

Instead of all that fun stuff, I'm looking around my house and thinking, 'Man, I've been slacking'. There are acres of laundry, people. Seriously. It's going to take me a week just to wash all the sheets and towels that have piled up while I was gallivanting around.

Plus, my pantry is practically empty. The junk left in it is all the bits you forget about over the years… like random cans of pineapple rings (no idea how those even got there!).  I made one giant grocery trip yesterday, and I still didn't get everything we need. My cart was overflowing with toilet paper, a gigantic tower of it. Who knew that out of town guests would use twice as much toilet paper as normal human beings??

So I'm starting a new list. New goals. I gotta get back in the swing of my life, before I go crazy. Today, I am blogging. And thinking about what direction this blog will head in for the next month or so.

Then this week, I'm taking care of all those pesky household chore. Like laundry, ugh. I might take a break to hang with the Hubs and visit something beautiful if the weather is nice this weekend. Next week, I'm fulfilling all the appointments I've put off. Well, some of them anyway. And the week after that, I hope to sort the thousands of photos I took on vacation.

That probably won't all happen the way I expect, but I can hope.

How do you get back in the swing of life after a long vacation? All tips are appreciated, so comment below peeps! Until next time…

Thanks for reading, everyone!
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