August 23, 2014

Doggie Days

It's a beautiful Saturday in Bavaria… the Hubs and I decided we should get outside today and enjoy the weather! We thought about taking a hike with our pup Lucy, but then we saw a flyer on post for a Pet Show.

Sure, why not?

So off we went! We've entered Lucy in fun contests before, like swimming races, when we were stationed at Fort Bliss.

Lucy takes 1st place in the
doggie paddle swim race! 

It's always a good time. You get to meet other pet owners, hang out, and let the puppies play. Today, our PX had a contest for smartest and cutest pets. Keep an eye out for these events at your base. This particular contest was announced on the radio, on the garrison Facebook page, and there were fliers posted around base. Kinda hard to miss.

Lucy takes 1st place in the smartest dog category!! 

Lots of people came with their pets, both cats and dogs alike. They were all so completely cute, and way smart! Everyone performed their tricks, and showcased their obedience. There was cake and coffee to be had, and great conversation. We were so excited for Lucy to win first place in the Smartest Dog category! I feel like a proud mama today.

I'll add her certificate to her trophies, and keep the gift card for myself, ha.

Just kidding, just kidding!! We'll be using our gift card for some new dog toys and treats. Lucy is super excited about it, can't you tell?

Relaxing after the win… 
So, how are you spending your Saturday? I hope it' beautiful and you're having fun. Until next time, my friends!

Thanks for reading, everyone!
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  1. I saw a sign about this, but then forgot all about it. I'm glad you guys had fun!