February 22, 2014

Linda Vu: Self Defense Seminar

A few weeks ago, we were lucky to have Linda Vu visit our post and teach a self-defense seminar. She was conducting a series of these classes at military posts all over Europe, and we were her last stop.

I've met an excellent group of ladies here so far, and we decided to attend the class together. Personally, I've never been to a self defense class, but I always thought I should go.

Now, I'm convinced all women should attend whenever they can!

Granted, the class doesn't teach you to be a kung fu fighter in 2 hours. You probably won't be able to go home and kick your husband's butt. However, you DO learn to respond in a frightening situation. You learn to take a breath, think, and react appropriately. You learn several basic moves that might someday save your life and/or your virtue. The class helped me build confidence, so I (hopefully) don't freeze in a precarious situation.

By the end of our time, we were pumped and ready to take on the world!

Have you taken a self defense class before? Keep an eye on your ACS Facebook page, and MWR page… I think you'll be surprised by how many interesting things are offered!

UPDATE: Here's the article from army.mil about our seminar… yours truly was quoted!

Thanks for reading, everyone!
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  1. Thanks for the great compliment! It was great working with everybody. Keep up the good work! :)

    1. Our group had a great time, and we learned a lot! You're an excellent teacher, as well as the team you work with. Thanks for the opportunity to learn! :)