February 3, 2014

AFN Fail - No Commercials??

Last night I discovered a horrible fact… AFN does not show the regular Super Bowl commercials!

Yup. Total bummer. Especially since I didn't really care who won the game (Giants fan forever!). A game that didn't start until midnight-thirty here in Germany. The Hubs stayed awake to watch the entire debacle…

I went to bed before the end of the first quarter. No commercials? Uh uh, I'm going back to sleep.

So, for all my pals who suffered through crappy AFN commercials too, here are some of last night's highlights (according to YouTube!):

Oh, the puppies!! They get me every time. Then there is this one:

LOL. Enough said.

Another 80s trend:

John Stamos... You're still cute.

Pistachios are wonderful. Go get some!

Um…. what was that ^ about??!

Doritos. You're funny.

After the funny, there were the seriously heartwarming commercials that never fail to tear me up:

Yep. The kid gets me. I love a smartie.

A hero's welcome indeed. They all deserve it, every last one.

America the beautiful, celebrating our melting pot society.

This may not have been all the commercials, but you got some of the best, peeps! Next year, at least I won't be surprised that AFN is a gigantic disappointment. You folks in the US of A get the good stuff, and we get a lot of thank-yous. Not that they're not nice and all… but they sure as heck don't make ya giggle!

Bye for now, I'll be back tomorrow!

Thanks for reading, everyone!
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