February 7, 2014

Weekend Shopping

This has been a busy week for me, what about you? I've got company in town. My friend Becky came to visit from across Germany (I am so glad her husband is stationed here too!).  You probably remember her from my New York/ Ireland trip.

This time, we're not traveling. Instead, we've spent the past few days shopping… and while I didn't technically need anything, I did find several desirable wants. One of which, I'm going back to buy today.

I have no willpower.

But, it's a really good deal! And it will go perfect in my soon-to-be be beachy bedroom. You understand, right? Of course you do.

I've been gathering pieces for about a year now, maybe a little more. I'm not super impulsive when it comes to decorating, I really like to live with the idea for a while before I make any decisions. I want to find just the right touches. So far, I've purchased bedding, lighting, and a few knickknacks (vases and the like).

What's left is the big stuff:

1. I need to refinish all my current furniture. If I screw this up, I'll be buying new, so I better get it right! That project is scheduled to start within the next few months.

2. I need to build/create/buy some sort of headboard.

3. Curtains. Must have curtains.

And then… hopefully the bedroom will be complete. Of course, I'll share the whole process with you. If you follow my Facebook page, then you've gotten a few sneak peeks at some of the pieces as I've purchased them.

But THIS is what I plan to purchase today:

What do you think? I found this at our local Mobelhof, which is a lot like my one-true-love, Ikea. I think this will suit my color scheme well, ja?

So, I'm off for more shopping, but I'll be back soon! Have a great weekend, my friends.

Thanks for reading, everyone!
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