June 2, 2014

Chatting with Friends

Everybody I know seems to play these "apps", like Words with Friends, Scramble with Friends, Match with Friends…. well, I've got my own version. It's called Chatting with Friends! With so much technology in the world, I don't want to lose sight of what's really important in my life. Moving to Germany has helped me greatly, because the internet and phone service is definitely not on par with what I was accustomed to in the States.

This means I use my technology less. Some might find that a hardship, but I've found it to be a lifesaver, honestly.

Every week, I pick one day that I try to call all my loved ones in the States. I find it helps me to call all my friends and relatives on the same day, so I make my rounds and chat with everyone. Last week, I was lucky enough to talk with one of my favorite people…. I bet you can guess who.

You got it, I chatted with my girl Abby!

Whenever we start yakking, a single phone session can go on for hours. Maybe days if our phone batteries didn't die.  You know what I'm saying here? Abby and I connected with each other right away, from our first meeting. She's the kind of friend where time and distance don't matter. Seriously, we could not speak for months (prob wouldn't happen though!) and still be instantly cool with each other, no issues.

Me and Abby hiking the Guadalupe Mountains

Those are the kind of peeps you hold onto forever. I'm so blessed to have several people like this in my life.

Abby and I talked of everything under the sun, like photography and travel, our problems and joyful moments. And we also talked about some lifestyle changes we've each been making in our lives.

See, a few years ago I found out I have the early signs and symptoms of MS. This has set me on a path of research and discovery. And I don't like everything I'm finding. There are so many chemicals and drugs on our markets. The food we consume is full of them. The more I research, the more overwhelmed I become.

So instead of freaking out, going to the extreme, and basically having a total meltdown, I made a decision. I would tackle one thing at a time in my life. I want to be a healthier, better version of me, but I can't make all those changes at once. I'm afraid I would become discouraged and give up if I did.

I began the journey by cooking as often as possible from scratch. I buy organic when I can. Of course, I'm not perfect. Some of my tried and true recipes are still made from processed goods.. but I'm getting there.  A few months ago, I started making my own Brown Sugar Scrub instead of using chemical-laden bath soaps.

Brown Sugar Scrub

I have a super long list of the changes I want to make. For example, I hope to test out my own shampoo and deodorants, as well as a body lotion. Food-wise, I plan on making my own gummy snacks and granola bars in the near future. So expect a lot of these recipes on the blog!

I love having the support of my amazing friends (like Abby!), who have their own journeys and changes ahead of them. And I'm so inspired by the people I know who really look ahead and make the effort to achieve their goals (also like Abby!)

I know I've rambled a bit today. You might not be interested in this stuff at all. But it's what was on my mind at this moment. No matter what comes my way in the future, I'm so blessed to have amazing people around me. I carry them in my heart wherever I am in the world, and I know they carry me in theirs. Friends are awesome, aren't they? So take a minute today, put down your game, and pick up the phone. Have some real contact with some of your favorite peeps. I bet you won't be sorry.

Until next time, my friends!

Thanks for reading, everyone!
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  1. I teared up when I read this.I treasure our phone calls and our ramblings and our giggles and idea sharing. We're on an awesome path, each of us, and even though it's not next door, I feel blessed that we get to connect and still, though distantly, be a part of each others lives. I love you and miss you, Allie! Our phone call and this post leaves me inspired to live healthy emotionally and physically.

    1. I miss you tooooooo! I know we'll be hanging out again in person someday, and I can't wait :)