June 28, 2014

The Past Few Days…

The past few days have been pretty busy in this ArmyLife household. You see, every summer my mum and my littlest sis come to visit me, wherever I happen to be. They're pretty awesome. This year, of course, they've come to stay with us a while in Germany! They arrived two days ago.

Day 1: Spaghetti Eis

We have many, many, many travel plans whilst they're here. I was very worried I wouldn't be able to blog as much as I usually do. I know, the problems of a blogger…

But I've come up with a solution! When I can, I'll keep posting army life tips, and recipes, and all the good stuff you're used to. And when I'm super busy, I'll simply post some captioned photos that follow our summer traveling adventures.

What do you think?! You like it, right? Ok good. I'm glad we're in agreement.

Here's your first post of summer fun! I hope you're out adventuring as well, and making the most of free time with your families.

DAY 1: Jet Lag

Jet lag… 

The Kid wakes up long enough to help me cook dinner

DAY 2: Jewish Tour of Regensburg

Stolperstein, or "stumbling blocks" commemorate
victims of the holocaust at their place of residence or work 

Document Neupfarrplatz
Regensburg Wirtshaus for lunch

Regensburg Cathedral
Oskar Schindler House

DAY 3: Hike to the "Broken Castle"

I look a little over-excited, ha! 
The broken castle

Butterfly on trail

The view from the top

Proof, we made it up there! 

Tomorrow is another day, and we're off for another adventure, this time to Karlovy Vary! I'll be back soon, my friends (I hope!). Until next time, happy travels!

Thanks for reading, everyone!
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