June 22, 2014

Pinterest Tested: Manual Binder

Yep, it's that time again! Time for another Pinterest Tested moment…

This time, I tested out an organizational tip from Desiring Virtue. I've been organizing my office, which is full of papers and binders and all kinds of junk, everywhere. I had stacks of paper manuals that were particularly annoying. You know the ones I'm talking about… the pamphlet that comes with your crockpot, and the how-to manual that came with your printer.

You don't want to throw these items away, because you use them occasionally. But they are also a pain in the butt to store.

Solution! Take an old binder (or buy a new one if you don't have nay), and fill that binder with document protectors. Slide your manuals into the protectors, and viola! Instant organization, I love it.

I even separated mine into categories within the binder. For example, all my manuals for kitchen appliances are together. All my office equipment pamphlets are together. Etc, etc. You get my point, yes?

This pin was a rousing success! The binder of manuals now sits on a bookshelf in my office, easy to access any time I need it. I'm sure I'll be testing out more organizational tips over the next year or so. If you want to try some for yourself before I do it, check out my Pinterest board called Organize My Life. There are lots of ideas there.

Until next time my friends, happy organizing!  

Thanks for reading, everyone!
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