June 4, 2014

My Favorite Things… Misto

Yep, it's time for more of my favorite things! You may not like all the same stuff I do, but I'm totally going to share anyway. You know, just in case.

This Misto sprayer is seriously so ah-maz-innnnnnnnng. I've wanted one for ages, but I never purchased one for some odd reason. Finally, a few months ago, I picked one up on a random trip to the PX.

I am never going back people, NEVER!

You see, products like Pam use chemicals that then wind up in your food. This is no good, peeps. The worst part is these products advertise themselves as a "healthier" way to cook. Go ahead, check out the ingredient list on your can of Pam (or other non-stick spray). I bet you'll be surprised at what's in there. You might not even know what most of those ingredients even are. What the heck is "propellant"??? Whatever it is, I don't want it in my food.

I made the switch to a better, healthier, and less chemical-laden me. So far, the Misto is exactly like using my old cooking sprays. I fill mine with olive oil usually. Then you just pump the top and spray away. This is also a money saver too, bonus! One can of Pam runs anywhere from $2.50 and up. That means my Misto (around $10) has paid for itself with just a few cans of cooking spray.

Lemme know if you try it out yourself, peeps. Until next time, happy cooking!

Thanks for reading, everyone!
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  1. I love my misto! Idea for a Pintrest tested, how do you clean yours? Soaking hasn't been helpful for combating the gunk. Enjoy it!