June 15, 2014

For My Dad…

I gotta say it… I have the best dad in the entire world! I know a lot of people probably think that about their dads, but in my case it's actually true.

Since it's Father's Day, and since my dad is so awesome, I thought I'd list some of the reasons why I think he's the bomb. And wish all the rest of the dads out there a Happy Father's Day too!

My Dad and I at the Charlotte race many moons ago

1. My Dad took me fishing, even when I scared away all the fish by jumping in the water.

2. He tried to teach me to play golf, but I'm really, really terrible.

3. Ha taught me to play poker and how to kick guys' butts in billiards. This is very important, people.

4. He also took me to my first casino, haha.

5. We used to have tanning contests when I was a kid (as in, who had a better tan by the end of the summer). I'm pretty sure I never won.

6. One Christmas, my Dad covered all the walls in our den in wrapping paper.

7. On another Christmas, he built a tree completely out of lights, and the presents went on the inside. So dang cool.

Father daughter dance on my wedding day

8. Though I live in Germany now, my Dad still texts me almost every day to say good morning. He's so dependable, my friends here (who have never met him), know who it is when I get that text around noon.

9. My dad always came up with these crazy learning games… like, if I could guess how much our grocery trip was at the register (including tax), then I could have all the money in his front two pockets. That could have been 50 cents, or 20 bucks. You just never knew!

10. Dad let me drive his pretty, cherry red corvette to prom. Any teenager will understand how awesome that is.

11. When my car broke down, Dad and I fixed it together. This happened a lot more than once.

12. When it was time for college, my dad went to every orientation, bought me some awesome school spirit clothes, and helped pack all my stuff and haul it to my dorm. And he didn't say a word about the fact that I cried the whole way there.

13. My dad is an amazing poet, and he wrote me one all my own. I still keep that poem hanging on the mirror in my bedroom.

14. A couple years ago, I stopped in NY on my way to Ireland. My Dad surprised me by showing up at the airport, even though we could only hang out for a day or two.

Surprise visit from my Dad

15. The first meal I ever cooked was Italian stuffed shells, and it was my Dad who taught me to make it. So you can thank him for all the recipes you get on here!

16. When I was little, there were times my dad had longer hair than me! And he always wanted me to trim it up for him… needless to say, I'm sure there was many a time he walked out of the house with crooked hair.

17. I inherited my love of the Giants from my dad. The first Superbowl I remember them going to, my dad let me play in the football pool. And I won. This solidified my team loyalty forever.

18.  Whenever I visit home (now that I'm older and no longer live there), Dad stocks the fridge with all my favorite stuff, even though he doesn't eat most of it.

19. When I told my dad I was marrying a guy in the military, which would mean moving all over the world for many years to come, he didn't freak out. Instead, he welcomed the Hubs with open arms, took him fishing and hunting, and taught him to play golf. He never made him feel like an outsider.

20. When Hubs was deployed, Dad sent nearly as many care packages as I did... including a set of golf clubs, so the guys had something fun to do if they ever got a break!

Random moment… what the heck am I wearing?! 

Now for the really mushy stuff…

My dad is fun, and playful, and has never let me down. He taught me that no what happens in life, I always have a place to go home to. He's generous and kind. He taught me to treat people with respect even if they don't always deserve it. He leads by example, always. I learned that no matter my struggles or physical limitations, you don't let anything hold you back. You keep pushing and trying, and if you really want something, then you go for it.

More important than anything else, my dad taught me how to love unconditionally, because that's how he loves me. I've never once doubted that love, ever. It's one of the biggest blessings in my life, and I'm so grateful for him.

I love you, Dad! If God had told me I could have anyone as my dad, I would have picked you. I guess that makes me pretty dang lucky.

Thanks for reading, everyone!
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