May 9, 2014

Dirndl Shopping

While I was sick, I missed out on a cool trip that our Hohenfels ACS took… trachten shopping! I know, you're wondering what that is, aren't you?

Me too. 

See, I missed the class! So I didn't get to find out all the cool history that goes along with these traditional outfits. And now I can't pass that info along to you either. 


What I do know is very little, but I'm happy to share that with you. Trachten refers to the traditional dress of many German-speaking peoples. The women's dress is called a dirndl, and the men's clothing is called lederhosen. These are worn to all of the festivals, including Oktoberfest. 

These are not costumes.

They are not for Halloween.

Do not forget this or you shall be shunned.


Lucky for me, a few of my gal pals were going shopping later the next week, and I was better by then! So I managed to find and purchase my very own dirndl. I'll catch up on the history the next time the class rolls around. 

Trachten store in Regensburg

We picked a chain store called Moser to begin our shopping in. If you want to visit the same shop we did, here is the GPS address:

MOSER Trachten GmbH
Donaustaufer Strasse 172b
93059 Regensburg

We spent hours trying on dirndls, shirts, special bras, aprons, necklaces, shoes… a lot more goes into purchasing one of these than you think! Converting our American sizes was no easy feat, but we had an extremely helpful store clerk. The fit of your dress is extremely important. 

Here we are with our gear on: (pay no attention to socks, horses, etc. Haha)

Aren't we cute?! I can't wait to wear mine to a festival soon. 

Prices for these outfits range from about 100 Euros up to thousands of Euros. I'm not kidding. And that's just for the base. Usually, this price doesn't include the shirt, bra, shoes, socks (yep, there are special, decorative socks!), or jewelry. Or the purses. Or the special cardigans for winter. 

Like I said, this is not a Halloween costume. 

However. We were very lucky to have a secret tip to share. In the back of the store is an "outlet" section, with lots of discounted pieces. The trick is that this area remains locked unless you ask for the key. 

We totally asked for the key. And I got a great deal on my whole dress! 

I haven't taken the Hubs shopping yet, but I can't wait. Sadly, the men's clothing is just as expensive, if not more. I'll keep you updated as we go along, and I'll be sure to take pictures too. Until next time my friends, happy shopping! 

Thanks for reading, everyone!
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