March 23, 2014

Accidentally Defrosted

Man, it's been one of those weeks! After returning from Venice last week (I promise a post will be up soon!), it seemed like everything fell apart in my absence. The laundry is piled up, the pantry is empty, and my schedule is already full.

Sometimes you just need a day of nothing, ya know? And I thought I would have one a few days ago… except the Hubs accidentally left our freezer door open all night long.

Do you know what happens when your freezer is left open all night long???

A big, goopy, drippy, disgusting mess.

Hubs hangs his head in shame! 

Needless to say, I didn't quite get my day of rest. Instead, I spent the day scrubbing my freezer and searching for anything salvageable. There wasn't much.

That day turned out to be a mess, but these things happen. Sometimes we all leave the freezer door open, am I right? It's how we handle those days that makes us who are. Granted, I fussed at the Hubs pretty good. I wondered where he left his brain, quite vocally. Then we kissed, made up, and realized that we might have melted a lot of groceries, BUT at least we get to share these ups and downs together.

Plus, the Hubs agreed to clean my kitchen today, and do a little vacuuming. This goes a long way to forgiveness in my book!

How did your week go? I hope no one left your freezer door open, but if they did, I hope you've kissed and made up too.

I'll be back soon, peeps!

Thanks for reading, everyone!
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  1. Oh i have been there! This week has been going great, sshhh somehow it feels like if I say that too loudly then everything will fall apart. Hope next week goes great for you.

    1. Yes, say it quiet, lol! Today is so far an improvement, so I hope it stays that way!

  2. My week is going pretty great too. Hope next week goes better

    1. So far, so good! Between the car breaking down last week, and the freezer debacle, I was ready for the week to be done. But today is smooth so far, let's hope it stays that way :)