March 20, 2014

Mary Kay Brunch

Yesterday, I attended a fun little brunch with some of my neighborhood gals (and a few out of the neighborhood ones too!). Jen the Baker was hosting us all for a Mary Kay event.

Now, I've never been one to have, or even go to, these kind of parties. But I gotta admit, we had so much fun!

Jen cooked an amazing spread for us, including muffins, a frittata-style egg bake, fruit tray, and coffee service. Her coffee set is so beautiful, I love drinking out of the delicate cups. I contributed with my favorite NY-style crumb cake and a cheesy potato bake (keep an eye out for the cake recipe tomorrow!).

Our consultant was one of my favorite people, who also runs Freedom Birds Jewelry. If you haven't yet checked out her work, what are you waiting for??

Everyone had their own place at the table, complete with mirror and makeup tray. As Courtney guided us, we all had a mini-facial using the supplied products. Then, our skin was color-matched before applying foundation and eye make-up. And lip masque, and colors!

I loved the SatinLips line. In fact, that's the product I wound up purchasing. Everyone loves soft lips, right?

I thought this was such a fun idea for a girls' day. Food, makeup, coffee, and good friends = a great, relaxing day for all involved.

Good job, Jen the Baker! Your party kicked serious booty. Since we started at 11, and I didn't leave for home until after 5, I must have been having fun!

What are your favorite ways to spend your girls-only time? Feel free to comment below!

Thanks for reading, everyone!
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