March 4, 2014

Cheb, Czech Republic

So, last I left you, me and the gang were at the Asian Dragon Bazar, before making our way into the nearby town of Cheb. I'm always surprised how close the countries and cities are to each other here in Europe. After a mere two hour drive, we were in an entirely different country!

We had no plans for this picturesque town. Our main goal at that point was to find a restaurant for lunch. We were unsure if the local establishments would take Euro, so there was also a possibility we would need to find an ATM.

Cheb city street

With no GPS address, we were flying by the seat of our pants. It's the best way to fly, am I right?

Here's a helpful tip, which one of the ladies pointed out whilst we were driving (and after only one u-turn). Look for signs that say "center", meaning city center. That's where all the good stuff is, peeps. The sign we found in Cheb looked like this:

City centre sign

If you're coming from the Asian market, like we did, simply turn right on the main road leaving the bazar. Follow that several miles into Cheb, where you can then follow the city center signs.

After finding parking (which also caused a few moments of confusion, lemme tell ya), we wandered into the city center.

City center square

City center square

At one end of the square are several buildings, with a unique alley between them. This grouping of 11 buildings dates back to the late-Gothic period, and are known as Špalíček. Between them runs Shopkeeper's Lane. The narrow walkway is a great representation of a medieval pathway. Narrow spaces like this, where human waste was typically dumped, became home to rats who would spread disease.

Cheerful, huh?

Left: Špalíček
Right: Shopkeeper's Lane

Because we were all starving, we sought out a restaurant right away. If you're facing Špalíček, there is a great little restaurant on the left hand side (it's actually part of Špalíček). The shop owner accepted our Euros, he was incredibly friendly, and the food was fantastic!

Top left: Špalíček, restaurant on far right
Bottom right: My meal

One thing we all particularly loved were the potato croquettes. These are the ball-shaped items in the picture of my meal, above. You can imagine how many jokes started from that, haha. But seriously peeps, they were delicious, we highly recommend.

With no real plan in mind, we left the restaurant to wander the city streets for a few hours before heading home. The city is beautiful. We stumbled across so many sights:

The town of Cheb makes a great day trip, if you're this close, don't you think? I plan to go back again soon. And, it's a great little town to show off when I have company in town!

I'll be back again soon, my friends. This time with stories, and pictures, and video from Fasching. Until then, happy traveling!

Thanks for reading, everyone!
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  1. I bet your passport book is beginning to look like our state sticker map on the RV! Thanks for taking us on another tour. It's a blast :)

    1. I wish I had that many stamps, lol! But the borders are all open here, so my book doesn't get stamped unless I fly. I should be able to get one for Italy next week though, yay!