March 24, 2014

Oil Pulling, Part 2

About 10 days ago, I started my new adventure of oil pulling. I promised to keep you updated, so here I am!

Every morning I wake up, and start my day with oil pulling. At first, this was rather disgusting. Because I'm using coconut oil, it was solid at room temperature. This sensation of solid goop wasn't pleasant, but the oil quickly melts after being swished around for just a minute.

As you know (having read my first post, of course!), I wasn't able to do the full 20 minutes in the beginning. Now however, I've got this! By day four, I could do the entire 20 minutes of swishing with no problem. I still feel a little queasy when I spit the oil out (after my 20 minutes), but it's getting better.

If you're attempting oil pulling yourself, I suggest finding a task to complete while you're swishing. I've been cleaning my kitchen every morning. This works for me, I hardly notice the swishing now. I am having issues with clenching my jaw a little too tight, but I think that's just me. I grind my teeth at night too, ha. When I notice the tension, I simply relax my jaw a bit and everything is fine.

The first few days of pulling, I didn't notice much difference in myself except for a clean feeling in my mouth when finihsed. After 10 days, I've noticed quite a bit more. For example, I definitely have more energy! I noticed this side effect just a few days ago, and I'm extremely excited about it. As someone with an autoimmune disorder, I pretty much walk around tired all the time. I'm not sure if the oil pulling is boosting me or if this is psychosomatic, but I'm happy to take advantage of the benefit either way.

I've also noticed some changes in my sleep pattern. I often have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. I guess I'm a bit of an insomniac. Again, in the past few days, I am most definitely sleeping better and feeling well-rested when I awaken.

Now that I've gotten past the icky feeling of putting oil in my mouth every day, I'm loving the changes I feel. Over the remaining 20 days of my challenge, I'll keep you updated! I'm tracking a few other supposed benefits, so we'll see if they're true or not.

Until next time, peeps!

Thanks for reading, everyone!
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