March 18, 2014

Bargain Shopping - Crystal & China

From Hohenfels, there are lots of day trips to interesting locations… including some great shopping destinations! About an hour away are two factory outlets, one for crystal and one for china. And I've spent money liberally at both.

Every Friday, Nachtmann Crystal in Neustadt opens their warehouse for your perusal. The main shop is open all week, but the real deals are on Friday. To the left of the regular shop is a gate… walk past and through this gate, and you'll find the entrance to the warehouse on your left.

Warehouse entrance

Inside, there are rows and rows of crystal, from various manufacturers the world over. Nachtmann crystal, of course, but also Waterford, Wedgewood, and more.

Inside the crystal warehouse
I've found some great deals here! Crystal vases as low as 4 euro each, wine glass sets for 12 euro! There are platters and mugs, vases and bowls, glasses and decorative pieces… I could go on and on. The inventory seems to change every few months, based on what is available. Some of the pieces are simply overstock which are being sold at a reduced rate. Some of the pieces show flaws, and are reduced for that reason. Check your pieces carefully, and then enjoy this great shopping experience.

The GPS address for the factory is:

Zacharies-Frank-Strasse #7
92660 Neustadt a.d. Waldnaab

There is a parking lot on your right-hand side as you arrive which you can use during your trip.

If you're making a day of it, I also suggest stopping at the Seltmann china factory store. They have some truly beautiful china sets here, including the Bavarian pattern. Part of the store is arranged like a showroom, and the other side contains the reduced/discounted pieces. Many of the reduced pieces were standard white china, but other patterns were mixed in.

Seltmann showroom area

Discounted section can be seen on left

We had a hard time finding the address on our trip, so here it is for you!

Christian Seltmann Strasse 59-67
92637 Weiden

Look for the blue flags, they show the entrance to the parking lot (at least, they were there on our visit). I found an amazing pattern I really, really want to purchase. I'm thinking I'll be able to convince the Hubs before we leave Germany…

What do you think? I loves it! 

I also found a cool, wonky blue/green vase thingy (don't you just love my descriptions, haha). I actually bought this, for my upcoming Beachy Bedroom Makeover! I've had so many ideas for re-decorating our bedroom, but I've almost narrowed them down. No worries, I'll be taking you on the journey with me.

 I'll be back again soon, but I hope these tips help out some of my fellow spouses living here in Germany. Until next time, happy shopping, my friends!

Thanks for reading, everyone!
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